You are standing at a crossroads.


Are you facing a major transition?

If you are about to change career, or you are facing a significant life transition it is a great time to work with a coach. Transitions bring stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, all of which have a negative effect on your wellness. This is a great time to seek out the support you need to seamlessly and effectively transition into your next steps of life with positivity. You also want to begin new chapters in your life and career on your own terms, but if you do not know what those are, you will need help clarifying them.

Are anxiety and stress recurring themes in your life?

Life can get stressful. Plain and simple. When you combine all of our responsibilities, from work to family and social lives, it’s easy to see why we get so stressed out. Getting the perspective and outside help that life coaching affords is integral in helping you move past those disheartening emotions. Not only will a coach shed some clarity onto your path, but they can also show you relaxation techniques and exercises to help you deal with your stress, build resilience and thrive.

Are your finances, health, relationships, career or business in complete disarray?

If your life is in a state of complete disarray, you might be in drastic need of a coach that will help you get through some of the most difficult times. Whether it’s your finances, your health, your relationships, your career or your business, oftentimes it’s hard to focus and see the forest through the trees when we’re struggling to move through the fog of today’s complexities.

Has success started to become problematic?

Do you feel your career is going nowhere? Are you not getting promoted? Or do you feel stuck in your job? This may mean you lack options to move up in the company, you are maxed out, pay-wise, or you feel like there's just no room for growth and learning within your company or industry. You are doing all of the right things at work, yet you are not seeing the acknowledgement and recognition you deserve. You are building a career you thought you wanted, yet when you accomplish your goals, something is missing on a deeper level. You want to change the direction of your career and/or take your career to the next level, but do not know where to start or how to make it happen. A Life&Career Wellnes will help you figure out if there are creative ways to advance or if a career change is what you need to feel 'un-stuck' and excited about your future.

Do you want to take better care of yourself and practice health enhancing behaviors?

Most of us were taught to take pretty good care of ourselves. That is fine if you want an average life. But people who accomplish great things often need to upgrade their lives tremendously before that is even possible. They need clearer boundaries, a physical environment that is supportive, more organization, enough rest, and/or people who "get" them and who are actively supportive.

Do you need to start over?

The life you imagined and worked so hard to achieve has not gone according to plan. People change, disasters happen, relationships breakup, choices are made, jobs disappear, children grow up and it is time to start over. Having resilience and determination to make the necessary changes and adapt to your new picture is imperative for future happiness. A coach can help change your perspective, redefine your short- and long-term goals, develop a plan of attack and give you the confidence and skills to bring about a successful, fulfilling future.

Is your confidence not where you want it to be?

Everyone is wearing their battle scars, and the difference between those who are happy and sad are the ones who have learned to let pain go. One of the greater benefits of working with a coach is that a coach can help you develop your self-confidence. Coaches work with you on self-efficacy and support you as you take risks to improve your Life&Career Wellness.

Do you want to life a meaningful life?

"Meaning" is what makes your heart sing. It generally comes from doing what matters most to you. This gets much easier when you understand what you most value and find ways to express it.

Are you having an unfulfilled dream or ambition?

Feeling unfulfilled at work, or in your relationship or in your life? Now, your days feel like an endless cycle of sameness with mounting responsibility to others and no time to yourself. Having definable passions and interests can have a major impact on your contentment and happiness. Outside your responsibilities to work, your family and friends, a wellness coach can help you explore what is missing, rediscover your unique truth and help you set a clear path for defining passion and achieving a fulfilled future.

Ten ways my clients’ pursuit of wellness is propelled in partnership with me:
ACCOUNTABILITY - laser focus to accomplish measurable results using signature strengths
ALIGNMENT - with their values and what is important to them
COMMUNICATION - generating commitment and engagement
CONFIDENCE - manage complex changes more effectively with optimism and presence
ENERGY - feeling good with more energy, positive feelings and wellbeing
MEANING - finding purpose in life in accordance with their values
PERFORMANCE - boost effectiveness
PERSPECTIVE - cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence to make better decisions
RELATIONSHIPS - opening their heart and mind to listen mindfully and build powerful rapport and deepen relationships
RESILIENCE - coping with adversity and bouncing back