Are you living your personal values?


Jan 31, 2019 • 

Have you ever asked yourself what the real influences of your decisions are? Why you prefer one situation over another?

What are personal values?

Values are deeply rooted motivations that guide, justify, and explain your attitude, norms, opinions, and actions. Every individual has their own unique value system or hierarchy.

Values form the foundation of your life and stand at the very core of human decision‐making. Values are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for. They can represent our unique, individual essence.

In 1973, Milton Rokeach created the Value Survey, which has received widespread positive response and is still widely used as a research tool.

What are the six defining features of values?

  • Values are beliefs, inextricably linked to affect.
  • Values refer to desirable goals.
  • Values transcend specific actions and situations.
  • Values serve as standards to guide selection and evaluation of people, events, actions, and policies.
  • Values are ordered in a hierarchy by their relative importance.
  • It is the relative importance of the values relevant to any attitude or behavior that motivates and guides that attitude or behavior.

Why are personal values Important?

  • Values represent what we consider important and worth pursuing in life.
  • Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct.
  • Values provides us with a road map for the kind of life we aspire to lead.
  • Values help us make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us.
  • Values help us to grow and develop.
  • Values directly affect your well-being.

How do I find out my personal values?

You can discover your personal values, by downloading a personal value assessment under the page: RESOURCES.


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