Professional at Fortune 100 Company

Spending a few sessions with Hettie was a very valuable use of my time.  Her professional expertise in coaching combined with her warm personality, helped me uncover a few insights about myself that have shaped my present, and have begun to build my future personal and professional life.   The biggest challenge for me was learning how to take time for me or “Showing-up for Me”.  Hettie coached me through a lot of self-reflection, which helped me to outline a deliberate process to attain short and long term goals.  I feel better now about the life choices I needed to make to live a more fulfilled life.  Hettie’s professional approach to wellness couching is amazing because she is an active listener and a TRUE COACH.  I will highly recommend her professional services to everyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed and overextended in life.


Professional at Fortune 100 Company

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Hettie.  By working with her, I was able to put a thoughtful, actionable plan in place to improve certain aspects of my life.  She was an active listener, who rather than offer advice, asked me questions to help me identify the areas I wanted to improve upon.  I highly recommend reaching out to Hettie if you are seeking guidance on how to change or improve key areas of your life.


Professional at Fortune 100 Company

My experience in the Health & Wellness program coached by Hettie has been extremely positive. Now eight weeks into the program, I am so happy that I committed to making this investment in myself! As a wife, mother, employee, daughter, friend, etc., I strive to be my best-self, however I gained a new awareness through this program that I might not fully be showing up for me. Working with Hettie has provided me with the opportunity to truly reflect on my life’s balance and develop strategies for fully achieving the vision I have set for myself. I highly recommend Hettie for those looking for a Wellness coach!


Student England, U.K.

As a University student it was very hard for me to management my time effectively. There are a lot of things going on: classes, exams, assignments, Student Council commitments, exercise and many social events. It was a challenge for me to stay on top of all my commitments and deliverables, leading to me being overwhelmed and stressed. After the very first session with Hettie,  I changed the way I managed my time. In every session I learned more about myself, and found ways to best optimize my time. Receiving coaching by Hettie, I became a higher performing student, who is significantly more organized, and manage to have more free time for social events (which student wouldn’t like that). I am no longer overwhelmed and are meeting all my commitments every day.  I can truly say, if you are doubting whether you should hire Hettie as a coach, you can feel confident that you are doing the best for yourself by working with her. You will learn something new about yourself. You will find a solution on that one small thing that you be struggling with and this will lead to benefitting  all your other things in life. What I like most about the sessions is that it is very professional and that you never have to feel like you are judged. Hettie is there to help you achieve the goals you set. If I would recommend her to  my friend, I will only have three words- “Results are Guaranteed”. What surprised me most during my coaching is the fact that we didn’t just looked at the things that might be a challenge in my life, but also highlighted all the good things I am already doing.  I used these positive affirmations as motivation to succeed. I will highly recommend coaching with Hettie as you will experience results from the first session.


Professional at C.H.O.P.

I have utilized life coaching at previous points in my personal and professional life. I am aware of my strengths and those weaknesses that keep me from being my best self, or so I thought.  The challenge for me was to break through these preconceived notions. Hettie was focused but relaxed in her approach to facilitating the sessions.  She supported my look inward and discovering what my values and beliefs are with the tools and resources she utilizes. I learned more about myself and what truly matters to me.  This method has a scientific basis and that was important to me for this journey.  The things I thought were important came more into focus.  We established achievable goals for areas I wanted to make change. Hettie created a safe and trusting environment.  I felt comfortable and confident with our work together and started with small changes to create lasting habits for health and wellness.  Thank you Hettie!  


Professional at Fortune 100 Company

My experience working with Hettie as my coach has been very positive. She has helped me focus on the key priorities that I believe will propel me forward. Her approach is to listen closely to my priorities, help develop the plan to reach my goals, and make me accountable to myself along the way. She is a true coach in that she recognizes the smallest accomplishments and also pushes you to reach even greater heights so you work to make continuous improvements every day. I certainly recommend Hettie for anyone looking to reach new goals in their life!

Lee M

Professional in Transition

 My work with Hettie led to an articulation of new life goals that were shaped by both what I said and how Hettie questioned and reflected on what she was hearing. Great to have a life coach partner, like Hettie, during times of major life transitions. Also appreciated those texts of encouragement such as the "good luck" text the morning of a job interview. Such a nice surprise.